The International Association of Elevator Consultants (IAEC) brings together qualified Vertical Transportation Professionals to improve the general function of the industry in all its phases. IAEC creates a forum for exchanging ideas, experiences, innovations and discussing regulations.


To bring together qualified professionals so as to improve the general function of the industry in all its phases, and to create a forum for professionals in the vertical transportation industry to exchange ideas, reports, innovations and regulations, all of which are designed to improve the vertical transportation industry.


Establish communication within the industry by promoting definitions of terms and measurement relating to performance standards for the Vertical Transportation industry. Promote high standards of personal conduct. Combine resources and talents of the membership for worthy endeavors relating to the Industry and to equipment users. Distribute information regarding matters of common interest to members and others who may be affected.


Any person, firm, group, association or corporation falling within the classifications as outlined in IAEC membership policies, and interested in the purpose of the International Association of Elevator Consultants shall be eligible for membership.


A national workshop, the IAEC Annual Forum, is held in the spring of each year. These workshops last approximately three days and are presented to be educational as well as spirited. Regional Forum Meetings are also held.

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IAEC’s Forum 2017
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