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Classification: Membership shall be classified as follows:

• Professional Member:
A person providing consultation, design, inspection, or investigation of vertical transportation systems and whose employer does not install, repair, or maintain such systems.

• Associate Member:
A person engaged in promoting the purpose of the Association who engages in consultation, design, inspection, investigation or supervision of vertical transportation systems, employed by a city, state or federal agency whose responsibility and function is the administration or application and enforcement of elevator safety codes and is sponsored by a professional member. Associate Members shall have all rights and privileges of membership except that they shall not be eligible to vote or hold elected office.

• Honorary Member:
A person engaged in promoting the purpose of the Association, this membership is bestowed on an individual at the discretion of the Executive Committee. It entitles the individual to the same membership as a Professional member with the exception that said individual shall not be eligible to vote or hold elected office. This membership requires no yearly fee and can be revoked at any time as seen fit by the Executive Board.



Professional Membership Application


Associate Membership Application


Features and Benefits of Membership

Feature: Membership is open to individuals and firms from the consulting segment of our industry only. While a member can be involved in the inspection process, a member cannot be employed and/or engage in the sale of an industry related product or its installation.
Benefit: The possibility of any conflict or impropriety in client representation is prevented.

Feature: IAEC members adhere to an established high code of ethics.
Benefit: Clients of IAEC members know they are dealing with the most professional consulting firms in the industry.

Feature: IAEC is recognized by NAEC, NEII, ASME, Lift Technologies, NAESA and the world-wide contractors and manufacturers within the industry.
Benefit: This recognition acknowledges the standing of IAEC within the industry and enhances the inter-change of knowledge and communications to its members. Members can have a say in changes in the code.

Feature: IAEC supplies its members with a complete list of names and phone numbers within the association. The membership list is annually up-dated.
Benefit: Members can easily network with others to find solutions to similar interests and concerns.

Feature: Members receive a periodic newsletter keeping them advised on the activities of the Association and changes going on in the industry.
Benefit: Members are kept current on industry changes by their own colleagues who have a common interest in the consulting aspects of our industry.

Feature: An Annual Forum is held each year. Educational programs and seminars are presented. Experts in all facets of the industry present topics and products of interest to the Association.
Benefit: The meeting offers the members the opportunity to confer with each other on common matters of interest and to stay current on and/or learn of changes within the industry.

Feature: The cost of attendance at the Annual Forum is less to members than non-members. IAEC Corporate members can have employees attend at the reduced rates without the cost of individual membership to the Association.
Benefit: Substantial savings are realized for members and members’ employees of the Association.

Feature: IAEC’s Annual Forum is recognized by NAESA and Lift Technologies as meeting the criteria for ASME’s annual maintenance of qualifications regarding attendance at educational programs [QEI Sections 2.3 and 3.3]
Benefit: Attending members can easily maintain their QEI certification without added expense or loss of time.


Membership Policies

It is the policy of the International Association of Elevator Consultants (IAEC) to have a membership open to all who meet our professional qualifications, regardless of race, creed, sex or national origin. Membership growth is encouraged to assure the continued dynamics of IAEC. To aid in the application process, the following guidelines are presented:

  1. Membership in IAEC as a Professional Member is limited to persons or companies who are independently providing services either under contract or for a fee to the vertical transportation industry through inspection, consultation, engineering, etc. and are not employed by or affiliated with companies who manufacture, distribute, install, service, maintain or sell vertical transportation equipment or components. For the purpose of the association, vertical transportation equipment shall be described as all equipment covered by the ASME/ANSI A17.1, ANSI A10.4, ANSI A10.5, ANSI A90 and Amusement/Ride Codes and Regulations. An applicant must have a minimum of five years’ experience related to the vertical transportation industry with a minimum of one year of experience meeting the qualification requirements of a Professional Member.

  2. An individual or company wishing to make application shall be sponsored by a IAEC member in good standing. A $100.00 registration fee and one year’s dues must accompany the application. Should an application be rejected, the dues will be refunded, but the registration fee will be retained by IAEC. If the applicant reapplies and is accepted within the next 12 months, no additional registration fee will be required. If reapplication occurs after 12 months an additional registration fee will be required.

  3. Membership dues are due on January 1st of each calendar year. As of (2006 to 2008) dues are $300.00 per year. A member shall be suspended from membership in IAEC upon failure to pay dues by May 1st of each year or within 120 days from the date of receipt of notice of annual dues, which ever is later. A member suspended for nonpayment of dues shall be reinstated with full rights and privileges if payment of such dues is received before the expiration of six months since the dues became payable. A member suspended for nonpayment of dues delinquent more than six months, shall be reinstated upon payment of dues plus a $100.00 reinstatement fee. If a member is delinquent more than one year, they must reapply as a new member.

  4. All applications will be reviewed and references checked by the Membership Committee of IAEC, who in turn will recommend acceptance or rejection of membership to the Board of Directors. Recommendations of the Membership committee may be disputed and appealed before the IAEC Board of Directors at one of their regular meetings. Decision of the Board will be final.


IAEC Bylaws (as ammended 4/27/2017)


For additional information, contact: IAEC Executive Director Sheila N. Swett at the address, phone number, or e-mail listed below.

Sheila N. Swett
Executive Director
International Association of Elevator Consultants
448 W. 19th St. #484
Houston, TX 77008

 Phone:  713-426-1662
Fax:       713-690-0004